Crown Chakra

Sahasrara (or Crown Chakra)
Located at the top of the head

Associated colour
Violet, gold, white
Associated scents

Frankincense, Lavender
Associated crystals
Amethyst, clear quartz, diamond
Associated astrological sign

Too open
Psychotic, manic depressive, frustrated, sexually confused
Constantly exhausted, indecisive, no sense of belonging
Magnetic pesonality, at peace with ‘self’, transcendent

Bright white light glows at the top of our head, radiating upward, reaching its rays out into the world beyond us.When we are grounded in our bodies, we are able to accept the ever-changing world that moves around us. Once we have accepted that change, we can work on building a strong sense of self, knowing that we deserve to fulfill our dreams. Having learned to love ourselves, we can then let that love move beyond the boundaries of our self and enter into our interactions with others. When we know how to love ourselves and others, then we are able to speak our truth from a place of integrity and respect for all involved in the conversation. When we are able to openly be honest, we can then go inside and listen quietly to our inner voice, which guides us. Going inside, we discover that though it often seems we are alone in this journey of life, we are really connected to everything. The white light radiates out from our crown and blends into the rest of the light that flows from all other beings. We are all one.

Amathyst, Alexandrite
Body Part(s)

Pineal Gland, regulates natural body rhythms

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