Gauci Simply Awesome Balm


Gauci Simply Awesome Balm  30ml
This Gauci balm is perfect for anything – Not just for the cold months…
Also it helps chapped lips, dry skin, mild eczema, cold sores, athletes foots, burns, grazes, ingrown hairs, dry scalp, torn cuticles – you name it calms and soothes it all.
Smells Awesome and 30ml is a perfect traveling companion.
Ingredients – Fine Soft Waxes, Avocado & Olive Butters, Jojoba Oil Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Bergamot
This blend is natures natural antiseptic, calming, hydrating and anti inflammatory answer to many of our winter ailments.
Get prepared to feel Simply Awesome !
This Product is unisex


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Does what it says on the tin, Simply Awesome !

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