About Gauci


Here at Gauci Organic Candles, we make green candles (we also make lots of other colours too) but when we say green, we mean that our candles are environmentally friendly. We don’t use Paraffin or any other nasty chemicals. Our organic candles are all hand-made with soya wax. You’ll find no big production lines here with lots of fancy packaging. No slick marketing departments. No, this is as green as candle-making gets and we’re proud to be making them right here in Wales.

Please take a stroll around our website. We’ve tried to make everything as clear as possible and hopefully you’ll find buying from us a pleasurable experience. We’re growing our business organically so feedback from customers is appreciated very much – if you have any comments whatsoever, please share them with us.

If you like what you see, please tell your friends and spread a little love and light.

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