Trade Enquiries


We do like to ensure our candles are sold in an appropriate environment so we tend to be quite choosy about who supply. Gauci Organic Candles are not mass produced. Each one is hand-made here in Cardiff and so should be sold with this in mind.

Exclusively Gauci
When we supply retailers, we try to ensure that each retailer is the only source of our candles in a particular area. For example in a major city such as Cardiff, we would expect there to be no more than half a dozen retailers and, in a small town, we would hope that one good retailer would be an exclusive source of our organic candles. We will not supply a retailer where we already have a relationship with an existing retailer.

Are you our kind of retailer?
We supply gift shops, galleries, boutiques, salons, health stores, entertainment venues and other retailers where delivering quality service and products to customers is paramount.

Please read our terms
Before we do business with any company, we will require a bank reference along with three trade references. Your first order, will always be Pro Forma (basically payment with order), we make no exceptions to this rule. The minimum order is £150, again we will not supply smaller orders so please do not ask, we make no exceptions.

To read our terms of business in full, please click here.

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