New! Angel Range


Also avalible in glass


Angel Gabriel

Angelic Messenger –   Strength of God: bearer of joy, truth, justice and love she grants wisdom in interpreting our dreams.

SCENT Information:

A healing blend of pure essential oils to bless your spirit with Angel Gabriel’s  love.
Ingredients:  Pure essential oils Apple, Vanilla  & Frankincense


Angel Galgaliel

Angel of Vibration – governs the wheel of the sun and assists us in removing barriers.

SCENT Information:

A refreshing blend of pure essential oils to cleanse your aura, raise your vibration, and heal your spirit!
Pure essential oils of  Grapefruit, Patchouli & Sandalwood


Angel Gavreel
Angel of Peace
– Guides us when we need to make peace with our enemies

SCENT Information:

An Ancient blend of pure essential oils to bless you with Angel Gavreel spirit!
Pure essential oils of  Eucalyptus Coconut & Bergamot.
Angel Gazardiel

Angel of New Beginnings  – angel of awakenings and higher consciousness who holds domain over the rising sun.

SCENT Information:

A heavenly blend of pure essential oils to open your heart… Invite the angels to heal your body and soul!
Pure essential oils of Orange, Lime & Basil


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