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“We use Gauci candles to produce our own range of organic candles.  The service from Mr G is simply amazing, his enthusiasm, professionalism and humour make him a joy to work with. Gauci aroma blends are the best out there and there is a vast range to suit everyone, all of our customers adore them.  He is a man of his word and no question is ever a nuisance, which in todays world is extremely rare. I would highly recommend him as a supplier.” – Mrs Park

“I LOVE Gauci candles! they smell fantastic as soon as you open them without even having to burn them.  I have tried a few fragrances and i love them all, i have bought some for gifts to, i can’t wait to try more, thank you.” – Miss Baxter

“Gauci candles are the best. They burn evenly and smell fantastic, I adore the Gauci Zen candle.” – Miss Brown

“I saw your candles for the first time yesterday – I loved them so much that I am about to walk to the High Street in the pouring rain to buy some for my boyfriend and I 😀 – I was a Yankee Candle addict but these have turned me and I love the fact that they are Welsh!
Thank you Mr.G!” – April Ewf Gwenabee Rowles-Croft

“The Gauci candles have become a slight obsession with their addictive and sensual smells. Started off with just one little candle has now turned into a whole 60 box order. The office and my house would feel lost without one of these fantastic gems lit up.” – Carina Henriques

“I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the candle I had from your company. It melts completely so you don’t have the problem of uneven wax and the scent lasted and wafted around the whole house. It knocks spots off other scented candle that I’ve had in recent years including very over-rated Jo Malone candles! I have ordered some more now and will enjoy spreading the word to all my family and friends.” – Sue Baker

“When I ordered candles from Mr Gauci I found him altogether patient, responsive and attentive to me as a customer.  He accommodated, wholeheartedly, the specific wishes of my sister for whom the gift of candles was intended.  The packaging was lovely and added to the sensuality of the gift. The quality of the candles is high i.e. they burn slowly, utilising little wax.  They give off a relaxing fragrance. There is no disappointing ugly black smoke and  unpleasant smell when the candle is extinguished.  I have recommended Mr Gauci to my friends as well as my family and will certainly be placing an order again in the future.” – Vivienne Edwards

“I have a respiratory condition which means that I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and can be sensitive to some brands of scented candles. After looking on the web, I e-mailed Spiros and explained my predicament as I was interested in the idea of organic candles and was really missing the ambience of candles in the home. He kindly sent me a sample to test in my home to ensure I had no problems and, luckily, I didn’t and have just put in my first order! Thanks, Spiros.” – Tracey, Cardiff

“I love Gauci Organic Candles.  After a long day in the studio they are just the thing for relaxing. My favourite at the moment are probably the Sensual tins, but there’s always something new I haven’t tried. Great gifts too!” – Andrea Benfield, ITV

“I like the new Chakra range. Great idea. Keep them coming. I’m a fan of our very own Cardiff Candles.” – Mr C Jones, Whitchurch

“I’ve just bought some of your candles from Tree House in Grangetown in Cardiff. I would like to say, they’re brill! The smells are lush.” Aaron, Cardiff

“I love the Sandalwood, it’s just fantastic!” – Mrs Jones, Rhiwbina

“The thing I love about your candles is the fact that they are Soya based. I really appreciate the fact that you go to the trouble to make them in an eco-friendly way, it’s so refreshing these days – and you’re local! How green is that!” – Mrs J Roberts, Barry

“The scents are amazing. Coffee really does smell like coffee – it’s like someone has just put a fresh pot on to brew. I was going to say you’ll be doing fresh bread next, then I noticed you do. I have to try that. If ever I sell my house, I shall make sure I burn a few of those first. They say the smell of fresh coffee or fresh bread sells a house. You should contact the estate agents… LOL” – G Davies, Pontcanna

“Thank you for your excellent candles and your excellent service.” Mrs Barbara Bissmire

“On behalf of my colleagues in the office I would like to thank you very much for the sample candles which you so kindly sent to us a couple of days ago. I must say they smell lovely!” – Heather

“I used to buy Yankee candles until one day I bought a Gauci candle from a Cardiff Bay stall, I feel these candles burn a lot longer and the scent is out of this world. My favourites are Espresso, Strawberry, Lemon Grass and Sage. Worth every penny! Well done Gauci! X” – Kay Harding

“Stunning candles with a beautiful scent that lingers. I much prefer burning these candles rather than the nasty cheap petrochemical ones produced today. You get what you pay for which is a high quality long burning candle with pure fragrances….just beautiful.”  – Georgina BancroftI

“I was bought one of your Chakra candles recently – Very pleased with it I have to say – WONDERFUL scent”.   Vicki Goode

Hi MrG    My Jumbo tea lights just arrived and they are absolutely AMAZING !!  LOVE the clear plastic containers and they just look & smell FANTASTIC ! . THANK YOU  🙂   Jo Jansen


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