Candle Colours

Colours may vary – such is life!
The colour chart below is a rough guide only. Because our candles are hand made, the colour of each candle may vary slightly. Also, it is impossible for us to accurately reproduce the colours of our candles on a computer monitor. It is also worth noting that colour representation varies from one computer to the next.

Technology eh?
It’s enough to make you go and run a hot bath, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and light a few candles – and with our incredible range of colours and scents, we’ll have something that will probably match your mood and your bathroom!

Gauci to the rescue!
If you live in Cardiff, ask us about our emergency candle service. Sometimes when you’re stressed, you find you have the bath, you have the wine but (unprintable expletives!!!) no candles!

Call our emergency candle hotline on 07866 750848.
If we can help, we will.


yew yellow white walnut victorian sky summer teak terra tudor_oak orange peacock peppermint purple red medium_oak marine lime lilac lemon georgian green jade l_oak lavender daff dark_oak ebony forest g_pine blue aztec apple a_pine

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