Gauci Tattoo Balm


Now Avalible !

Gauci TT Balm is a carefully blended product with selected oils and waxes to heal your skin after your fresh new tattoos… Comes in a 15 & 30ml tub

Vegan Friendly  100% All Natural

Less is best …. Soothes and cools your skin for less irritation

This blend is natures natural antiseptic, calming, hydrating and anti inflammatory

Tried, tested and loved by local Tattoo Studios in Wales

Ingredients : Fine soft waxes, Aloe vera Butters, lime,Grapefruits, Thyme & Tea Tree Essential Oils

This product will be sold here & in your local tattoo salons.  


Please get in touch if interested stocking this product



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Dimensions 4 x 4 x 2 cm
TT Balm

15ml Tin, 30ml Tin


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